Commercial Restructuring, Aviation and eJets
Transforming partners through upskilling and retooling revenue generation and optimization

Management Training & Development

The following Executive Education Courses are offered using adult-learning principles:

  1. Airline Marketing
  2. Airline Marketing in a Digital World
  3. Strategic Airline Marketing
  4. Airline Brand and Leadership
  5. Air Transport Economics
  6. Electric Aircraft Economics
  7. Airline Competition and Strategies
  8. Airline Business Innovation and Transformation
  9. Strategic Business Transformation Methodologies
  10. Joint Airport/Airline Business Management and Competitive Positioning
  11. Airport Strategy and Future Growth
  12. National Air Transport & Economic Development (Policy and Strategic Direction)
  13. Airline Planning & Networks
  14. Air Cargo Management
  15. Airline Stakeholder Management
  16. Airline Pricing
  17. Airline Revenue Management
  18. Advanced Airline Commercial Optimization
  19. Pricing Psychology
  20. Airline/Airport: Leadership Development
  21. Strategic Airline Management
  22. Airline/Airport: Personalities, Leadership, Governance (Applied Psychology in O/I Psy.) - Aviation CEO Case Studies included.
  23. Innovation in Aviation (Airline, Airport, Digital and New Value Pockets)

New - in development for Clients

  • Integrated Airport-Airline Future Collaboration and Trends
  • Air Transport and Urban Mobility (VTOL, eAviation)
  • Impact of Environmental Regulation on Airport Infrastructure and Commercial Business
  • Balancing Economic and Environmental Regulation