Commercial Restructuring, Aviation and eJets
Transforming partners through upskilling and retooling revenue generation and optimization

About Us


We are passionate about the airline industry and believe that strategic commercial aviation is not only about air transportation. We believe there is value to offer even when people do not travel, or when goods do not move through data aggregation and strategic revenue stream design. 

Our goal is to help as many people and companies transform themselves so that the industry can thrive profitably and do so for the greater good. We want to have the biggest impact for those that have a desire to lead structural change, especially solving short-term opportunities with fundamental change that is aligned with long-term dilemmas. 

Millennium Aviation was founded in the Netherlands in 1995 and in Canada in 2005 by Dr. Ricardo V. Pilon as part of a drive to offer facilitation services beyond traditional management and business consulting tailored to the airline business and aviation-related industries, including Ai and technology. 

The specialty areas of the firm are all aspects around revenue and business models. Through engagements and further executive education and licensed certifications used in practice, Ricardo is a Senior Business Advisor in commercial restructuring of pricing and RM and other revenue streams, change and business transformation, leadership and talent development, as well as technology innovation-driven change, notably in Ai. 

In recent years, a great deal of focus at our clients has gone into data, Ai insights and guidance, and digital commerce (quoting, pricing, offer management/shopping and margin optimization). We are also assisting in identifying the next round of fundamental change around the introduction of eJets and alternative power sources for aircraft, which will impact  on aircraft and airline economics, and consequently on airport economics and civil aviation infrastructure.. 

Through a solid background of 25 years of practical industry experience, business management and consulting expertise, combined with a strong senior business advisory and academic record, the company’s founder developed proprietary methods, tools and management frameworks and have released publications such as visionary and practical books and white papers

 Curriculum Vitae


Below you will find Dr. Pilon's resume, and professional brochure.